Answer: We are National Socialists, although we use the designation “Nazi”, simply because at the present time, most Americans would not understand “WHAT” a National Socialist “IS”, confusing us with some kind of Marxist ideology. NS are certainly NOT “supremacists”, rather we are SEPERATISTS – we believe that RACIAL SEPERATION is best for all concerned. White and non-White alike.




Answer: The term “Aryan” simply means, being a “Noble Person” in our White/Euro culture. So yes, a person can be an Aryan, even if they are not a National Socialist – IF, they live up to the term. Sadly, few “white people” today could call themselves Aryans. FYI, ALL of the various Euro/White tribal entities – French, Irish, German, Italian, etc et al – are racial brothers and sisters, and Aryans, only of different cultural tribes.




Answer: The man responsible for raising the Swastika banner up out of the ashes of temporary defeat, in the 20th century, was a decorated U.S. Navy Commander – George Lincoln Rockwell. He first organized and led the American Nazi Party from 1959 until 1967, when he was murdered because of his beliefs. Our current Party Chairman Rocky J. Suhayda, first joined the ANP back in 1967 at the age of 16.




Answer: Our first goal is attaining the “14Words” which are – “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children”. Our second primary goal is to achieve Social Justice for the White Working Class. Of course, we have many other issues of concern, such as a true healthy environment, a “National Health Care System” for our Folk, intelligence-based Free Education, as well as Free Trade-Schooling for those inclined… NS believe that the STATE should be in SERVICE to the PEOPLE – not, as it is unfortunately done today – where the people are nothing more than WAGE-SLAVES, TAX-COWS, and CANNON-FODDAR to that 3% of the population that control 85% of America’s wealth. This current, corrupt Judeo-Capitalist system is nothing more than a plutocracy of the rich…




Answer: This cannot be answered so simply here, needless to say that NS are NOT out to “exterminate” each and every jewish person in existence. What we ARE out to destroy – is, the JEWISH MONIED “ELITES” POWERHOLD in America, where for example ISRAEL’S best interests are put BEFORE the best interests of America and its citizens. The “small jew”, who works for a living like everyone else, and has no “say” over the current situation, than you or I – has nothing to fear from National Socialism. Neither does ANY non-Aryan. NS stands FOR separate, self-determination and autonomy for ALL the peoples of the world. Only those who would do harm to the Aryan Folk, are our enemies.




Answer: We are White people who happen to be born in America. Our racial heritage is EUROPEAN; our cultural heritage is what has passed for “culture” in North America, since the first White people set foot here – hundreds of years ago.




Answer: The “Klan” has no “ideology” that I am aware of, beyond being “racially aware”. Whereas National Socialism is a complete “World-View” of living a healthy, progressive Aryan lifestyle. The ANP seeks no “association” with any other organizations. We have our own goals and agenda, they have theirs I suppose.




Answer: Our “Founding Fathers” bye and large, were SLAVE-HOLDERS , and the Constitution that they wrote, states in Article I Section Two – that negroes were to be considered 3/5ths of a human being. Let’s be bluntly honest – THEY WERE RACISTS. In fact, up until the mid-late 1950’s there were LAWS on the books across America UP-HOLDING racial-segregation, and even against the mixing of the races, through inter-racial marriage. It is only fairly recently that American society has been brain-washed into tolerating the present-day state of affairs. To be honest, we feel that just about EVERYBODY IS RACIST – or how else can you account for the fact that people MARRY their own KIND, and in large part – PREFER to live amongst their own KIND? It is only NATURAL in the NATURAL WORLD – blue birds breed and nest with blue birds, lions breed and band with ONLY other lions – NOT cheeta’s, nor puma’s, nor tigers…




Answer: In a National Socialist state, we would act in a similar manner as did NS Germany. The first nine years of general studies would be open and free to ALL citizens. In the tenth year, students would be vetted towards their later goals in life – those who had the INTELLIGENCE and APPTITUDE towards “higher learning” would be prepped towards entering “university”; those who’s abilities tended more towards manual-labor would be guided towards LEARNING A SKILL ala “trade schooling”. By the time that a young person “graduated” – they would already have had the beginning TRAINING that would enable them to “DO SOMETHING” positive for the White community through-out their lifetime. Unlike today, where our children sit for twelve years, and “graduate” with NO “skills” of anykind. Or, have to do “remedial ed” the first year of college, because they DIDN’T LEARN “enough” in the twelve years that they had sat there?! In a NS America, the “COST” would be “FREE” – paid for, by already existing taxes – instead of WASTING tax-monies on “WARS”, “FOREIGN AID”, and a million and one other sewers that OUR tax dollars are poured into each and every year. As a note, I might add that NO NS American school would accept a FOREIGNER, or a wealthy “idiot” who doesn’t deserve to take up a seat in a university, simply because daddy has big bucks, and he/she wants “to party” for a few years… Our education is meant to give the Aryan Community, well-rounded by both education AND ability – citizens who will PAY BACK through their ultimate SERVICE to the aforesaid community – the privilege that either received through their higher education and/or training in job skills. INSTEAD of WASTING all these monies, as this current Judeo-Capitalist society DOES – an NS America will plough back, its monies and resources INTO the PEOPLE that MADE THEM in the FIRST PLACE! It will be a healthy and natural “circle”.




Answer: National Socialism firmly believes in the citizen owning firearms. In NS Germany, more people owned fire-arms than in any other government. In a National Socialist America, we believe in the “Swiss Model”, where ALL healthy and of-age White men belong to a “National Guard”, and take their weapons HOME with them when they are not “on duty”, per training or whatever. As for sport hunting/shooting and game-preservation – the Laws of NS Germany were so intelligent and progressive, that today the same laws are basically on the books of Germany and even other Western nations have adopted many of these NS principals. The “costs” involved, should certainly be geared towards the ability to pay, per the average individual involved. I myself haven’t hunted or fished for many decades now, due to personal circumstances, but truly they shouldn’t be unreasonable. This is simply ANOTHER case, of the Judeo-Capitalist system wishing to shove “costs” upon the shoulders of the Average White Workingman/woman, rather than force the wealthy to pay a FAIRER SHARE of our economic burden.




Answer: It is only too clear that in this sick and decaying Judeo-Capitalist system, EVERYTHING of VALUE is being gobbled-up into and by the CORPORATIONS. In FACT – the good old “Jew-S-A” – is nothing more or less, that a “CORPORATE PARADISE”, where 3% of America’s population, CONTROL 85% or MORE – of America’s WEALTH. In a nut-shell, in National Socialist America – the FARMS will be RETURNED – to the FARMERS. People will be RETURNED to the LAND ( if they wish ) and our nation will have a much HEALTHIER “balance” of population, than is allowed to occur today. “Agra-business” will be a thing of the past, long regretted, but never its loss lamented!




Answer: While National Socialism certainly believes in “Free Speech”, I will be honest that “free speech” DOES have its limits. As an example, in a NS America, we would no longer allow naked, gyrating homosexuals to assault the White populace through disgusting “Gay Parades” – where they flaunt and perform degeneracy, and lack of decency – simply because they can “get away with it”. Nor would a NS America allow the proliferation of “pornography” as “art” and/or “entertainment, such as this present day kosher society does. Nor would NS allow degenerate ideas like race-mixing to be promoted in an Aryan society. These examples should give you a clear idea of where National Socialism stands. If someone wishes to preach on a street-corner, declaring that they believe that “space aliens are coming to probe them…”, they will have that privilege. But, if someone seeks to harm the Folk community through actions gauged to be negative – such as promotion of NAMBLA (the pederast organization) we would not hesitate to remove them and their putrid “ideas”, asap.




Answer: At present, our “side” – because of a lack of people, resources, and yes “WILL” – has found itself in the role of a “pariah”. In the systems controlled media which forms popular opinion, is there ANYTHING “worse” than a “NAZI-RACIST”? This can of course be changed, but it’s going to take some real DEDICATION, COURAGE, and WORK on “OUR” part to make it happen. The FIRST step is for “our side” to QUIT ACTING the PART – that the enemy has SCRIPTED for US! QUIT ACTING like a “crazed hate-monger”, QUIT LOOKING like some “carnival freak, or back-woods wild man” – we need to start BLENDING-IN with the people whom we are seeking to “CONNECT WITH”. Then real progress will come…



Answer: “GANGS”, ie the AB were formed in prison from inmates, most of whom belonged there for committing crimes. I cut no one any “slack”, simply “because” they are “racist”. EVERYBODY, just about – IS RACIST – in my book, unless you count those poor souls who have lost their racial identity forever. You DO the CRIME (and I’m not referring to actual POLITICAL-PRISONERS here) and you SERVE the TIME.




Answer: The American Nazi Party is directing its efforts, not into senseless “demonstrations” aimed at a Power-Structure that is either indifferent or against our beliefs – but, finally into campaigning for “low vel” political office – School-Board, City-Council, and the like, where we have an actual chance of obtaining a power-base, from which to build upon, to strive higher. Most of the time, we run on “NS platforms” without having to acknowledge “who” we are – as low-level offices are usually “non-partisan”, ie, one does NOT have to “declare” their political party. Sometimes, or adherents may choose if they have been “already outed” as NS Activists, to go ahead and campaign as open National Socialists – our tactics are very flexible. Decades of holding pitiful “marches and rallies” with low numbers and poor organization and discipline have produced nothing in the way of positive results – until, we CAN “impress” the populace properly, we will find other ways of achieving our aims. This brings to mind the latter part of your question – QUALITY CONTROL over personnel. Far too many “racialist organizations” accept “ANYBODY” simply to fill the void with warm-bodies. This has led to not only having some very disreputable creatures “representing” their views, but tarnishing White-Nationalism as a whole. The average White man and women are often repelled by these “tattooed, unkempt, foul-mouthed, raging haters”, who tend to fill the tv screen at home. Of course, the systems controlled-media LOVES to “hold-up” such creatures as the “walking billboards” of our Cause. Likewise whenever one of these lunatics who have been welcomed-in by dysfunctional “Movement-Poohbahs” seeking any featherless biped to gain that oh so desperately sought after “publicity”, gets arrested for some crime – once again, the entire Racial-Movement is “TARRED” by that cretins association. The ANP has strict levels of Quality Control – an example is – that you have never heard of any kind of such scandal about our organization or its adherents, at least to my knowledge.




Answer: Very aptly put – IF there could be ONE ALL-WHITE nation on planet earth, where we Racialists could happily live – AWAY – from “others”, whom we would prefer not to co-exist beside…, we would move there. There are MANY all-Asian nations, there are MANY all-Negroid nations, there are MANY all-“brown” nations – hell, there is EVEN an ALL-JEW nation – but, there is no longer ONE ALL-WHITE nation, even Iceland is being forced to accept third-world “refugee’s” into its culture and gene-pool.




Answer: Yes, and I will be more than happy to move from Detroit to go there!




Answer: Germany of today, is just as decadent and corrupt as present day America. I would fight for NEITHER. We NS have a motto – Our RACE is our NATION.




Answer: Your ancestors struggled, strived, fought, and worked to MAKE you WHAT you ARE today – why not HONOR your roots, rather than discard that which is so valuable? Once LOST – it is something that can NEVER be regained.



Answer: I have been involved in this Struggle since the late 1960’s, and have personally participated in literally hundreds of “street theater” activities – from rallies in front of the White House, to two-man demo’s on the street corner – so I believe that I have the ability gained from EXPERIENCE, to gauge the EFFECTIVENESS of such actions.

First off, the “movement” today cannot field either DICIPLINED participants, nor NUMBERS able to IMPRESS the public at large. So “WHAT” occurs? You KNOW what occurs – a shambling , disorganized bunch of usually “UN-NORMAL” looking participants, who can’t even PROTECT THEMSELVES from their opponents, and HAVE to have Zog’s cops there, so that they don’t get their ass’s pounded. Often, they are put into a CAGE like some kind of “ZOO” to be laughed and jeered at, way off somewhere where the masses CAN’T even SEE or HEAR them! Later, the enemy control jews-media pours filth on them on the jew-tube, while “interviewing” much more reasonable sounding opponents – WHERE is the VALUE in THAT?

When the day comes, that the ANP can field a MINIMUM of 50 of highly DICIPLINED and WELL-ORGANIZED SA Men – or more Party Activists – we WILL hold “public events”, but it will be held VERY differently than the circus’s we see now. “HOW”? Well, we are NOT going to tell the ENEMY our tactics – but, I assure you, it WILL be a surprise that they’re not used to!

As well, these “marches & rallies” have been held in the THOUSANDS over the past decades, and just WHAT have they ACCOMPLISHED? In truth – ZILTCH – movement numbers are DOWN, and falling with each same old/same old stuck in the rut “activity”. You all know its true.

For a “protest” to SUCCEED, you HAVE to have EITHER a PUBLIC that CARES, or the “target” that your protesting against to CARE about your opinion – can anybody honestly say that either the PUBLIC or the SYSTEM gives a flying fig about what a TINY number of White protesters care about? They are either IN-DIFFERENT or AGAINST our agenda. We should have all LEARNED THAT a long time ago!

No, the days of “protesting” are LONG GONE! Now is FINALLY the TIME for us to ENGAGE in AQUIRING whatever “low-level” POLITICAL POWER that we can – ie, LOCAL GOVERNMENTAL positions – which IF we are SERIOUS and QUIT ACTING like cookie-cutter LOONIES, ARE OBTAINABLE.

We only need men and women who will RUN as CANDIDATES, and Movement Activists who will QUIT ALL the USUAL NONSENSE – and instead help do CAMPAIGN work for them. Look, when a Party Comrade runs for office – even if they don’t win – they can STILL POINT TO ALL THOSE VOTES – and state, “I represent all those who voted for me and my beliefs”. So Comrade Schruender who may have “lost” in his campaign for School Board – STILL – can state that HE represents a couple THOUSAND Americans who VOTED for a NAZI! Now, doesn’t THAT beat some rally in a cage hands down? Of course! So WHY aren’t we CONCENTRATING upon THAT , instead of the “USUAL”? WHICH “tactic” do you think that the ENEMY would PREFER that we keep on doing?

Plus, actual POLITICAL INVOLVEMENT takes us out of the costumed fantasy realm, and puts us into a position where we gain RESPECT from the masses, and more willingness for average – NORMAL FOLKS – to consider “GETTING INVOLVED”.




Answer: Quite simply. Instead of attempting to de-brainwash people who have had decades of crap poured into their heads – I do EITHER – #1 I state that I DON’T CARE, that WWII was before I was even born, and that I had nothing to do with ANYTHING that happened in that time period. Neither in Europe, nor in incinerating people in Japan with Atom bombs. Instead I AM concerned about EVENTS occurring TODAY in my world. Or, #2 – If they press about how “our beliefs” (NS) are interlocked with the “holohoax” I use this version. I state that simply because in war “things happen” to ALL sides – the fire-bombing, of German civilians, the starvation of over a MILLION German POW’s AFTER the war ended, etc , et al – that you cannot condemn an IDEOLOGY like National Socialism, anymore than you can condemn CHRISTIANITY for all the MILLIONS of people KILLED, MAIMED and PERCECUTED over the centuries – as “witches, vampires, infidels” etc et al, now can you? They are so stunned, they don’t know what to say.

I have yet to find ANYWHERE amongst NS writings – National Socialism as an ideology – ADVOCATING the “EXTERMINATION” of jews, or anyone. ONLY in the ENEMIES “versions” about us, are those lies to be found. Or, sadly amidst those HOLLYWIERD-NUTZIS out there, who along with their home-made “SS” costumes, regurgitate the propaganda of the enemy, through their own pitiful ignorance, or worse…




Answer: Would we? So many other orgs have TRIED that already, past and present – WHERE is their SUCCESS? Besides, we ARE National Socialists, isn’t there more than enough LYING in politics already. No, we believe that by OPENLY proclaiming just “WHAT WE ARE” – that we will ATTRACT that presently small but DEDICATED % of the White population who are ANGRY and READY to ACT! People who have LOST trust and belief in this decadent and corrupt Judeo-Capitalist system – and are TIRED of kosher CON-servative pabulum as answers. And their number is growng, day by day. This nation STILL has at least 150 MILLION “White people” within its borders – IF – we are eventually able to tap into just ONE PERCENT, guess HOW MANY National Socialists of one degree or another that would be?

Now certainly, with the CURRENT “state” of the “racial movement” and the “type” of far too many of the pathetic individuals and leaders involved – it CANNOT be done. BUT, if we are able to BUILD a REAL – WHITE POLITICAL MACHINE – comprising NOT dysfunctionals and losers, and instead attract the NORMAL White population, and slowly build upon that – I believe it CAN be done!



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