I am an 35 year old White-National Socialist activist from the once proud land known as America. I created this blog in support of our late Commander Rockwell’s ANP and the only real National Socialist political party operating in the United States known as the American Nazi Party.

I am not a skinhead, fantasy Nazi or gang member that the media put’s us out to be – (been there, done that already so if your looking for entertainment look elsewhere!) I am just another White victim of ZOG (Zionist Occupied Government) that goes to work everyday and just wants to make an honest living and support my family.  The reason I’m here is because I am sick of EVERYTHING my country has become so instead of sitting on the sidelines bitching and complaining about how bad the way things are, and waiting for someone else to do all the work, I decided to get involved. I do support the many efforts of the American Nazi Party and I tend to act on my own initiative and encourage others to get involved.

As an Aryan Revolutionary/ National Socialist, I oppose the Progressives, Marxist/ Communism, DIVERSITY and the never ending Juedo-Capitalist attack on our country by members of Congress & the current White House Administration.

I hope you will enjoy this blog and feel free to post your comments, even if you oppose what I write about, I would be willing to comment back as long as it’s kept clean. Rude, antifa and incoherent comments/ remarks will be ignored. For White Worker Power! – www.americannaziparty.com – AJ 88/14


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