Interesting Talk W/ an White Guy

While doing my daily outreach routines – dropping off flyers and so on – I dropped-in a bar, for a drink, and found myself caught-up among several white collar, white folks. I really wasn’t dressed for the occasion, as I was in my tactical garb and boots.

So there I am. Looking like a scrub among the shirt-and-tie-club…

Let me start-off by saying, that I, as an White, working-class man does indeed make a few more dollars than most White, working-class folks. My job requires some education and the ability to read and write English. (This is still America right?) I do plan to WORK my lily, so-called white privileged ass-off and continue to pay for my tuition, out of my own pocket rather than get caught-up in the Judeo-Capitalist student loan program – and there’s no guarantee anyone’s, going to find a job straight out of school – esp w/ the Judeo-Capitalist in charge.

The subject was on immigration, and this pathetic – real piece of work, of a white guy – admits, that the illegals – well, undocumented workers – say’s that sure, they take most of the jobs that most of Americans don’t want anyway – even I, as an National Socialist will admit to that one – but I also care for MY OWN FOLK – another reason I support the efforts of the American Nazi Party.  This confused White person also used the defense, “If all White people ever want to do with their lives is dig ditches, or do janitorial work then what’s the problem with letting these people in?” (Sounds kinda racist huh.) So, I asked this clown on what his take is on the 50 million, and counting illegal’s in this country was and he… CALLED ME RACIST! My fellow Americans, today I ask YOU what is so racist about people flooding the country, obtaining benefits – paid by working-class Americans – for god’s sake – we are paying Social Security for all the retired folks as it stands! Do you HONESTLY believe the government will take care of us…when we retire?

A.J. 88!

So, what are you waiting for? Support the American Nazi Party today and together – YOU AND I, WILL TAKE BACK what’s rightfully ours! I also realize that I am fighting a losing  battle… but shall I lose, it won’t be because I didn’t try! Quit throwing away you’re vote on the next asshole in line – because he talks a good game and he will most likely ship you’re job elsewhere… Pick a Third candidate. The American Nazi Party is here for you! We already have a lobbyist on Capital Hill and several others in a seat. The A.N.P. is as REAL as it get’s with National Socialist activism! We are NOT the goofy, race-mixing, “neo-Nazi” clowns that you see in the media parading down the street… as if anyone’s, paying any attention to in the 21ST century. No sir. Check our website – – and see for yourself that we have most, if not ALL of the late commander George Lincoln Rockwell’s followers… I bullshit you not! I went-out to my mailbox and opened my monthly “White Worker” and almost shit myself, when I read an article sent-in by an original follower.

Let’s face it. We “revolutionaries” have been around for a very long time – hell, we even threw our tea into the Boston Harbor. If you read a few other history books – I won’t go into that right now, because I have written this stuff over-and-over… We used to be called “zealots.” We have been called every profound name and right now, on this day, Americans are disappointed with their country’s direction. Gee wiz. The American Nazi Party thinks so too! Why not turn to an “OUT OF THE MAIN STREAMS GROUPS?” Let us, help you!

A.J. 88!


About AJ's Blog

I am an 35 year old White-National Socialist activist from America. I created this blog in support of our late Commander Rockwell's and the only real National Socialist political party/ organization in the United States known as the American Nazi Party. I am not a skinhead, fantasy Nazi or gang member that the media put's us out to be. I am just a normal White person from the once proud land called America, that goes to work everyday. I do support the many efforts of the American Nazi Party and I tend to act on my own initiative and encourage others to get involved. As a National Socialist, I oppose the Progressives, Marxist/ Communism, DIVERSITY and the never ending Juedo-Capitalist attack on our country by members of Congress & the current White House Administration. I hope you will enjoy this blog and feel free to post your comments, even if you oppose what I write about, I would be willing to comment back as long as it's kept clean. Rude, antifa and incoherent comments/ remarks will be ignored. For White Worker Power! - - AJ 88/14
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