‘Simpsons’ Mr. Burns walking away from $14 million deal


Source: http://m.wdbj7.com/life/money/simpsons-stalwart-harry-shearer-hasnt-left-the-show-yet/33013144

COMMENT: I decided to post this story…because, I am kinda sick of all the lies being said about us “privileged white folk”. White working-class people, don’t have ANY MORE money than OTHER races of people working and struggling to support their families. The American Nazi Party, isn’t stupid… We host, Non-Aryan’s that sympathize with this very common struggle against the EVIL JUDEO-CAPITALIST. Those politicians…look at their names/ do a background check on them! Before anyone… accuses me of being a “Wealthy White Man” and I guess, that’s why I am running a blog with a Swastika on it..

AJ 88! 


About AJ's Blog

I am an 35 year old White-National Socialist activist from America. I created this blog in support of our late Commander Rockwell's and the only real National Socialist political party/ organization in the United States known as the American Nazi Party. I am not a skinhead, fantasy Nazi or gang member that the media put's us out to be. I am just a normal White person from the once proud land called America, that goes to work everyday. I do support the many efforts of the American Nazi Party and I tend to act on my own initiative and encourage others to get involved. As a National Socialist, I oppose the Progressives, Marxist/ Communism, DIVERSITY and the never ending Juedo-Capitalist attack on our country by members of Congress & the current White House Administration. I hope you will enjoy this blog and feel free to post your comments, even if you oppose what I write about, I would be willing to comment back as long as it's kept clean. Rude, antifa and incoherent comments/ remarks will be ignored. For White Worker Power! - www.americannaziparty.com - AJ 88/14
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