Only in America where a mostly black city, run by a black mayor, mostly black cops and mostly black townsfolk…keep allowing the “blaming of white people” or the so-called “white privilege” to continue. 
Today I ask my party comrades and anyone else, who cares about our race…to get involved like those who oppose us do! Enough with the stupid tattoos, “White Pride” marches – not that I don’t believe in all of that stuff too – but right now the White Race is the MINORITY – Is it too much to ask a few good, white men and women who believe in what we are fighting for AND who want to live by the REAL doctrine of National Socialism and not the pretend stuff in the Jewish controlled news and media…

I personally would like to see the day when white Americans can raise a “White Resistance” flag and I would love to see the Swastika make a comeback…because right now, the Swastika is being used for all the wrong reasons! Too many “Skinheads” and even the KKK has adapted the once-great-symbol such as the right wing, Tea Party has destroyed the Gadsden flag! But unless white people are willing to do some of the “boring work” like the ANP does everyday…and you don’t even have to belong to the ANP to get involved in ACTIVISM! Malcolm X did it and MANY, MANY, MANY other’s did it and are, still out here fighting! Meanwhile white people look like a joke. Because white people either make a joke about it…or white people are far too greedy! Football is more important than a white guy, getting shot to death. – It would be considered “HATE SPEECH” to mention that! White people are so brainwashed by this SICK SYSTEM that we call “Judeo-Capitalism” to keep $pending and spending – gotta have a new house, new car, new phone…hey baby, let’s go to Wal-Mart! White people don’t give a shit…but, white people are the first to complain when they get treated unfairly. 


Join the American Nazi Party today and let us HELP YOU! I want to hear from you.

AJ 88! 


About AJ's Blog

I am an 35 year old White-National Socialist activist from America. I created this blog in support of our late Commander Rockwell's and the only real National Socialist political party/ organization in the United States known as the American Nazi Party. I am not a skinhead, fantasy Nazi or gang member that the media put's us out to be. I am just a normal White person from the once proud land called America, that goes to work everyday. I do support the many efforts of the American Nazi Party and I tend to act on my own initiative and encourage others to get involved. As a National Socialist, I oppose the Progressives, Marxist/ Communism, DIVERSITY and the never ending Juedo-Capitalist attack on our country by members of Congress & the current White House Administration. I hope you will enjoy this blog and feel free to post your comments, even if you oppose what I write about, I would be willing to comment back as long as it's kept clean. Rude, antifa and incoherent comments/ remarks will be ignored. For White Worker Power! - - AJ 88/14
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