Richest 1% Will Own Most of the World’s Wealth by 2016

Economic inequality is set to reach a worrying tipping point next year, when the richest 1 percent will control more than half of the world’s wealth.

Wow! I mean, who in their right of mind would be so concerned with the fact that the rich get even MORE RICHER, while the WORKING CLASS continues to lag behind. American’s get their JOB SOLD-OUT – shipped overseas and the American worker is stuck kicking can’s down the street, trying to figure out how to support their family. That very same American worker – now down on their luck, unemployed – relentlessly continues to vote for somebody that can’t even build a fence!

National Socialism believes in everyone paying their FAIR SHARE. Apparently owning HALF of the world’s wealth is not enough. So, people that work for a living – “NAZI’S” – should expect even more benefits, tax breaks etc. for the good people the unemployed Americans vote for, whilst the corporations are already living TAX-FREE!

So, what’s it going to be White man? Are you going to continue to watch TV and eat donuts – throwing away you’re vote – while you’re fatherland continues to crumble.

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I am an 35 year old White-National Socialist activist from America. I created this blog in support of our late Commander Rockwell's and the only real National Socialist political party/ organization in the United States known as the American Nazi Party. I am not a skinhead, fantasy Nazi or gang member that the media put's us out to be. I am just a normal White person from the once proud land called America, that goes to work everyday. I do support the many efforts of the American Nazi Party and I tend to act on my own initiative and encourage others to get involved. As a National Socialist, I oppose the Progressives, Marxist/ Communism, DIVERSITY and the never ending Juedo-Capitalist attack on our country by members of Congress & the current White House Administration. I hope you will enjoy this blog and feel free to post your comments, even if you oppose what I write about, I would be willing to comment back as long as it's kept clean. Rude, antifa and incoherent comments/ remarks will be ignored. For White Worker Power! - - AJ 88/14
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