‘Simpsons’ Mr. Burns walking away from $14 million deal


Source: http://m.wdbj7.com/life/money/simpsons-stalwart-harry-shearer-hasnt-left-the-show-yet/33013144

COMMENT: I decided to post this story…because, I am kinda sick of all the lies being said about us “privileged white folk”. White working-class people, don’t have ANY MORE money than OTHER races of people working and struggling to support their families. The American Nazi Party, isn’t stupid… We host, Non-Aryan’s that sympathize with this very common struggle against the EVIL JUDEO-CAPITALIST. Those politicians…look at their names/ do a background check on them! Before anyone… accuses me of being a “Wealthy White Man” and I guess, that’s why I am running a blog with a Swastika on it..

AJ 88! 

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Only in America where a mostly black city, run by a black mayor, mostly black cops and mostly black townsfolk…keep allowing the “blaming of white people” or the so-called “white privilege” to continue. 
Today I ask my party comrades and anyone else, who cares about our race…to get involved like those who oppose us do! Enough with the stupid tattoos, “White Pride” marches – not that I don’t believe in all of that stuff too – but right now the White Race is the MINORITY – Is it too much to ask a few good, white men and women who believe in what we are fighting for AND who want to live by the REAL doctrine of National Socialism and not the pretend stuff in the Jewish controlled news and media…

I personally would like to see the day when white Americans can raise a “White Resistance” flag and I would love to see the Swastika make a comeback…because right now, the Swastika is being used for all the wrong reasons! Too many “Skinheads” and even the KKK has adapted the once-great-symbol such as the right wing, Tea Party has destroyed the Gadsden flag! But unless white people are willing to do some of the “boring work” like the ANP does everyday…and you don’t even have to belong to the ANP to get involved in ACTIVISM! Malcolm X did it and MANY, MANY, MANY other’s did it and are, still out here fighting! Meanwhile white people look like a joke. Because white people either make a joke about it…or white people are far too greedy! Football is more important than a white guy, getting shot to death. – It would be considered “HATE SPEECH” to mention that! White people are so brainwashed by this SICK SYSTEM that we call “Judeo-Capitalism” to keep $pending and spending – gotta have a new house, new car, new phone…hey baby, let’s go to Wal-Mart! White people don’t give a shit…but, white people are the first to complain when they get treated unfairly. 


Join the American Nazi Party today and let us HELP YOU! I want to hear from you.

AJ 88! 

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President Obama was Right!

I’m not going to reiterate anything from what we have seen over the past month, in Baltimore and now in New York and other parts of the country…

I probably should, say something in defense of White America but since all white people WILL EVER protest, destroy property or riot over is a damn football game. Yet the American Nazi Party continues to FIGHT for the White Working Class hence has gained MORE support from not-so-white people in our non-Aryan unit. – I cannot express my gratitude enough, for our sympathizer’s that have joined us in the continuing, sickening battle against the Judeo-Capitalist nightmare – thank YOU!

President Obama announced that the “civil unrest” in Baltimore was over “poor family’s”, families whom jobs were sent overseas… Congratulations, Mr. President. How does that penny loafer taste?

AJ 88!

Bloggers Note: I will be posting more and more entertaining articles, soon as I buy a new tablet. Right now I am posting from my phone but will do my best… to keep YOU entertained and informed with news and opinion from the best National Socialist source. http://www.anp14.com

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Something for White History Month

The American Nazi Party has proclaimed the month of April as White Pride Month. Now is the time for white Americans to get off their knees and show some PRIDE in their race!

April is what – we, in the American Nazi Party – along with thousands of other white people, claim “White History Month”. Even though, there is no such thing – because the white, working-class is obviously the reason blacks, Latinos and everyone else are so oppressed! Yep! It’s all the WHITE, WORKING MAN’S fault… Today, I ask you to take a look around. Pick-up a newspaper, and look at where you’re country is headed instead of blaming the “white race” for every bad thing that’s going-on.

Slavery. Gee, who started that? Today, rich or poor. We are ALL slaves! How many credit cards do you have, how much MORE do you OWE on you’re car?

The Roman Empire used slaves – many were, white Greeks – who died a slow and miserable death performing their duty’s. Before the fall, of the Roman Empire. Rome was run by a Senate consisting of rich aristocrats – both Republic and Empire – sound familiar? Rome also, didn’t care about their OWN people – all they cared about was that coin, with Caesar’s head stamped into it much like today – all the United States cares about is MONEY and to hell with the people. Eventually Rome – while still under the influence of Judeo-Capitalism, crumbled – an whole society, wiped-out and destroyed by greed! Eventually, the same thing is going to happen to America. If we keep selling this country out! Look at us, were fighting wars we don’t even belong in. And what’s in it for the average worker?

AJ 88!

Heil Hitler!

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Richest 1% Will Own Most of the World’s Wealth by 2016

Economic inequality is set to reach a worrying tipping point next year, when the richest 1 percent will control more than half of the world’s wealth.

Wow! I mean, who in their right of mind would be so concerned with the fact that the rich get even MORE RICHER, while the WORKING CLASS continues to lag behind. American’s get their JOB SOLD-OUT – shipped overseas and the American worker is stuck kicking can’s down the street, trying to figure out how to support their family. That very same American worker – now down on their luck, unemployed – relentlessly continues to vote for somebody that can’t even build a fence!

National Socialism believes in everyone paying their FAIR SHARE. Apparently owning HALF of the world’s wealth is not enough. So, people that work for a living – “NAZI’S” – should expect even more benefits, tax breaks etc. for the good people the unemployed Americans vote for, whilst the corporations are already living TAX-FREE!

So, what’s it going to be White man? Are you going to continue to watch TV and eat donuts – throwing away you’re vote – while you’re fatherland continues to crumble.

Source: http:// http://www.cbsnews.com/news/the-1-percent-will-own-most-of-the-worlds-wealth-by-2016/#postComments

AJ 88!

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The Koch Bros Party

Who say’s you can’t buy politics?

Wait, that’s right, no one says that. Ever. Especially not in America where 91% of the time, the candidate with the most money (not who does the best job, who has the best policies or who even gives the most charismatic speeches) wins.

The New York Times is now reporting that the Koch Brothers plan to spend $889 million dollars on the next presidential election:

The Koch Brothers puppets this year include Scott Walker, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, and Mike Pence. A couple of those guys are mentioned here:

In the end, we all know they’re set to throw Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton at us whether we like it or not, then use phony polls, more propaganda than your brain can scream at, and the tried and tested “well, it’s the lesser of two evils approach” to force us under the thumb of another fascist oligarch puppet controlled by the same megabanks and megacorporations as the last guy and the guy before him and the guy before him and… wash rinse repeat.

But let’s lie to ourselves and just keep pretending the rich people (who keep getting richer due to the record-setting and ever-widening wealth gap in our country) aren’t straight up buying federal elections. Let’s keep pretending our vote in the presidential election even matters at all.

Face it. We live in a country where billionaires like Bill Gates are buying and pushing vaccines and a hearty population control agenda, Warren Buffett is testing out multi-million dollar smart grid enslavement, George Soros buys pretty much everything including civil unrest by the millions, and Michael Bloomberg is buying gun control legislation.

Sure, the elite can bet on and essentially buy whatever they want, from horse races to presidential elections, but remind me again why we should consent to being governed by the elite’s tool of choice when it’s quite obvious (and has been for some time) our elections are a paid-for sham and we the American people have little say in the matter whether we vote or not?

Hey, I know! What would they do if NO ONE SHOWED UP? If we all turned out backs on the entire corrupt, phony system?

(Gee, there’s a thought…)


How’s that for Democracy? This just goes to prove that the “Presidency of the United States” is BOUGHT and PAID FOR! “People get… what they allow”. We still have a chance, if we get off the “Jew Tube” and start RESISTING, FIGHTING BACK! Instead of buying into the “same old, same old”… Sadly, White America is far too much concerned about the next “NFL Draft” or being a couch potato, rooting for the “Democraps” or “Retardpublicans” than they are about their OWN welfare or the welfare of their children – that’s a sad thought. As we know, National Socialism is making a comeback in Europe as the marches continue… Why isn’t ONE concerned White American doing the same? We still have a chance. Protest the hell out of these Judeo-Capitalist pigs – act like an “Anarco-Communist” for all I care, bang on trash cans, make some noise and grab your pitchforks and torches and picket their steps… REFUSE to vote in these “RIGGED” elections – which THEIR getting PAID for and start your OWN Campaign – a Campaign that would surely represent the people and NOT ONE for their own, monetary gain!

I would leave a few words of encouragement to our Comrades, but I won’t waste the skin off my fingertips typing this, because it seems as if no one cares, except those of us in the American Nazi Party out here everyday, working hard, 24/7 for the White working class and those 14Words.

AJ 88!

Source: http://www.thedailysheeple.com/koch-brothers-to-spend-nearly-a-billion-dollars-on-2016-presidential-election_012015

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Why do I do this???

I’ve been asked, “’WHY’ I refuse to write new blogs, new ‘White Worker’ articles” and may I ask YOU – the reader. – “Why the hell don’t YOU write something”? To me, being a blogger or a journalist for the “White Worker” is just one of the many, many, many things I do for the cause. My names not Adolf Hitler or Commander Rockwell nor am I this great “National Socialist” prophet that some of you idolize, for some strange reason. I am just ONE SINGLE Comrade out here fighting to make a difference. WHY should all the work – that needs to be done – be thrown-off, on the Party Chairman or any other Party Comrade, while the rest sit back and do nothing? That’s not how the NSDAP got started…

Tonight there are 35,000 protesters – and their numbers are rapidly increasing – in Dresden. That’s just one city in Germany and not including the entire European continent! Today, the American National Socialist movement is a complete disaster – AND WILL FAIL – if we don’t get on the ball…

For the FIRST TIME since Germany’s defeat in WWII, National Socialism is making a comeback and I would like to thank our Comrades overseas – 88 – but it’s not over yet. As long as the “Powers That Be” are “selling out” OUR JOBS and busting-up family’s… We are fighting a losing battle! Unlike the rest of Europe, where they are protesting against illegal immigration and we – IN THE UNITED STATES – couldn’t as much get one “White working class citizen” or as much, a “Right-Wing, Tea Partier” to join our ranks in the FLOP-OF-A-BUST “protest against illegal immigration” last summer.

It is downright embarrassing for me to write this – and my family/ friends know who I am, and I have lost – some – family members and friends who were dear to me because I refuse to fold under the corrupt Judeo Capitalist. People think that National Socialists are nothing but a sick, neo-Nazi “cult” thanks to the “Jews media” and thanks to the “Trashtroopers” that put on a show for them.  Ever wonder WHY we can’t stand on a street corner and speak our mind or as much “hand out” a piece of our literature without the “fear” of being labeled as such?

Apparently “White America” doesn’t care, because if “just one” White American gave-a-shit and warned everyone, “The Judeo-Capitalists are coming… the Judeo-Capitalists are coming”! Just maybe, we could get a grip! It seems to me that none of you – other than a few select Comrades in the ANP are willing to get off your assess and FIGHT! It never surprises me, when I see complaints on the interwebs  – it’s as if most  of you recognize the problem at hand but nothings changing. Commander Rockwell once asked. “White Man, What’s it Going To Take”? I’m asking you the SAME THING! Get off your silly computers, phones and HELP ME to make a difference. We know that small “Grass Roots” Party’s are popping-up all across America – we in the American Nazi Party can do the same, all you have to do is try – and if we lose. Well, it wouldn’t be because we sat back and watched as our fatherland crumbled.

All you have to do is, make a flyer, nothing fancy just a Swastika and a message of your choosing and a message saying that the American Nazi Party is organizing all across America/ “GET LOCAL” along with the website – WWW.ANP14.COM – Or, put-out our message cards/ flyers/ stickers that are available both on the website and in our return slips each month of the “White Worker”. Something else and I don’t advise anyone to do anything that I already haven’t tried… If you ever engage in conversation with another White worker – rather it’s on the job or at the UNEMPLOYMENT OFFICE – and it turns into a political discussion. Somewhere in the conversation, bring-up “National Socialism” and give them our card or a copy of the “White Worker” – you WILL find that a lot of people are already National Socialists but they don’t yet realize it and that’s something we in the ANP strive for. We must do our best in educating others the TRUTH about how National Socialism once pulled Germany out of an depression – rather than what the “Jew controlled media” swears about us. I’m not advocating that NS Germany never committed “war crimes” – sure they did, just like everyone else did, during the war. I could write ten thousand pages on the subject. Last, but not least sometimes we as Party Comrades or National Socialists – including myself – need to slow down. Instead of “flying-off the handle” every time we hear about a “Black on White” crime or a politician convicted of receiving kickbacks… Take the time to “shut-up” and read another passage in “Mein Kampf” or White Power because what we say reflects on the Party – and the American Nazi Party has no time for “uneducated bullshit” that the “racist ADL” or the media would love to use against us. White Power!

AJ 88!

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Smh More KKK Activity In Virginia

James Moore is the Grand Dragon State Leader for Virginia with the Loyal White Knights of the KKK. He says the pamphlets weren’t meant as hate towards anybody. He says the literature is part of a national recruitment.

The flier calls King a communist pervert. It states he used money for civil rights to hire white prostitutes.

“I looked at the news article myself and people are complaining saying we targeted them. We’re not targeting anybody. We’re practicing our first amendment rights, getting our story out,” said Moore. “These are all facts and not fiction this was FBI records, that Martin Luther King was a card carrying communist as well as a pervert.”


Remind you that the “Klan” is nothing more than, a bunch of Democrats hiding behind a hood – the very same thing is true about us, because once were tainted as “National Socialists” nobody is going to vote for us..! So, Comrades I ask you, if the KKK can go out here…dropping-off there literature and running like a coward! What’s stopping us from picking-up on that tactic?

Personally, I like to “hand out” a piece of our literature to another White brother or sister. But I will take a walk, dropping off literature and honestly – I feel “dirty” by doing so – because I’m probably dumping it on a Black, Jew, Liberal, Conservative or one of the people mentioned in the articles… 

The “local news” is really giving the KKK what they want – cheap publicity – and it works! Each and every one of us could get an interview too – with our local, friendly “hatchet job” storytellers – if we’d take the effort to “throw away” a few extra flyers…  I would LOVE that opportunity – not that I would agree to become a “side show/ Neo-Nazi freak” but I would like the opportunity to speak like a 21ST century National Socialist and answer whatever questions they might like to ask, about us.

 For the 14Words & White Worker Power!

AJ 88!





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Still against a 3rd Party?

Want to know the real state of the US economy? Visit a local public school and find out how many student qualify for free or reduced-price lunches.

A new report found that, at 51%, the number of children who qualified for federal programs for free or reduced-price lunches is the highest in at least 50 years, according to the Southern Education Foundation. In other words, in 2013, more than half of the students attending public school lived in poverty.

Those numbers are representative of the growing problem of child poverty in the US. Overall, one in five US children live in poverty. It has only recently been dropping, with 14.7 million US children living in poverty in 2013, down from 16.1 million in 2012. In 2012, out of 35 economically developed countries, only Romania had a higher child poverty rate than the US.

screen capture 009Romero-Smith, 40, who has been a teacher for 19 years, became a foster mother in November to two girls, sisters who attend her school. They had been homeless, their father living on the streets and their mother in jail, she said. When she brought the girls home, she was shocked by the disarray of their young lives.

“When they first come in my door in the morning, the first thing I do is an inventory of immediate needs: Did you eat? Are you clean? A big part of my job is making them feel safe,” said Sonya Romero-Smith, a veteran teacher at Lew Wallace Elementary School in Albuquerque. Fourteen of her 18 kindergartners are eligible for free lunches.

She helps them clean up with bathroom wipes and toothbrushes, and she stocks a drawer with clean socks, underwear, pants and shoes.

These kids aren’t thinking, ‘Am I going to take a test today?’ They’re thinking, ‘Am I going to be okay?’ ”

The job of teacher has expanded to “counselor, therapist, doctor, parent, attorney,” she said.


I’m not going to post entire articles but I wanted to share, another story of the Judeo-Capitalist disease that’s affecting both White and non-White Americans. What does articles like this have to say about the FUTURE of our once great country? – These kids aren’t thinking, ‘Am I going to take a test today?’ They’re thinking, ‘Am I going to be okay?’ – But I understand, football or rooting for your favorite “Democrap” or “Retardpublican” will save the day! National Socialism believes in putting our priorities first! Where is Americas priorities when half of the damn countries kids are living in poverty!?

AJ 88!




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A New Year

Racial Comrades: Well it’s a new year – wippidy, dippity-do – today, I would just like to thank those Comrades (you know who you are) who went “above-and-beyond” this past holiday season AND continue to do so – all year round.

For those of you in this struggle or at least claim to fight for our cause. I would just like to ask, “What’s so HAPPY about New Years”? Well for starters… instead of having a drink and waiting for the ball to drop. How about doing whats printed on our return slips by, Adolf Hitler – each month: “YES, Comrades! I too understand that it is ‘not enough’ to simply state ‘I believe’. But, that a true National Socialist must swear, I FIGHT”! We know what must be done – the Party has gone over this numerous times. Double, triple-up on your pledges – if you have it – shame on anyone that didn’t have the minimum $10 – yet found some way of keeping the “jingle” in those Judeo-Capitalist cash registers at the mall – because if you did, YOU contributed to the problem and slapped each and every “American Nazi Party” Supporter in the face! Remember, White people have only OURSELVES to blame, for all the problems in America! I would also reiterate, hand-out some literature… talk to a few White Working Class folk in your local areas. Maybe even attend an small local political group in your hometowns – just don’t go in there acting an ass – you know what I mean. Slap some stickers/ flyers around if you don’t want to talk to anyone – there available at anp14.com. Write a blog/ make a website, write an article for “The White Worker” which gets mailed-out all over the country – it’s all not that hard! Last but not least. If you truly would like to bring National Socialism back to America, run for an local political office. The ANP can walk you through the entire process. The NSDAP didn’t get started by Adolf Hitler, Rudolf Hess and everyone else sitting on their collective asses, crying about the Jews and doing nothing! Hell, Hitler got elected Chancellor. Were fighting on YOUR behalf/ The White Worker. Let us, help you!

AJ 88!

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