KKK’ers take on the immigration issue and an FALSE HOPE for White people

To my loyal followers and Comrades: I still don’t have my computer yet but once I do… I will be back to my regular monthly posts just as I am on the streets in my daily life handing out literature, pushing for public offices and donating as much as I can afford to the cause and my Party, as an National Socialist activist.

I originally didn’t want to write about this, because I didn’t want to give these “Klowns” anymore attention than they deserve but since I have brought up the issue on this blog, on how North Korea, Israel and a few others react to immigration troubles… It seems as if the Klan wants to copy, what the Israeli Army is currently DOING in Gaza. Unless the KKK is looking for another cheap publicity stunt – like the one they did in South Carolina where they tried to recruit members with candy – who are they recruiting, kids? Recently they sent out an terroristic message calling for corpses on the border. Who are they fooling? The poor White kid from the inner city or the average White man struggling to take care of his family because White people will not talk shop about hurting somebody – White people WILL defend themselves when the time comes. The KKK (Ku Klux Klan) is NOT who we are nor are they National Socialist by any means – they participate with many Right Wing, neo-Nazi, Fascists and many others who claim the Swastika for all the wrong reasons. It saddens me that I have to write about this but there will always be “radicals” like the ‘Tea Party’ who adapted the Gadsden Flag as their symbol. Sad but true – there’s garbage in the back yard that needs cleaning up or that annoying neighbor is screaming RACIST!

AJ 88!
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Monday’s Suck!

“If you don’t like your job you don’t strike. You go in everyday and do it really half-assed. That’s the American way”… Homer Simpson


Sadly that’s the way many White Americans are today because workers are so oppressed under the current Judeo-Capitalist system that they simply don’t care..

AJ 88!

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Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day

My father, I respected. My mother, I loved… Adolf Hitler

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Working Class White Man, Single, No Kids… The Reason Why

Racial Comrades: Today I would like to address an important issue affecting the White WORKING CLASS. While browsing some of the “white trash” sites such as Stormfront and VNN, I ran across a thread – http://vnnforum.com/showthread.php?t=166266 – where obviously an confused Racialist/ Nationalist or whomever was asking if he were an “Race Traitor” due to the fact that he was single and had no kids. Well, no big surprise on that site, as the first answer was… because the dude was gay – and you guessed it, he’s banned! As I never post on those site’s. My answer would have been, “Well, do you date outside your race”? National Socialists are out here fighting for the White WORKING CLASS and the ADVANCEMENT of our Race – Our Commander Rockwell said, “the American Nazi Party does NOT have time for drunks, degenerates and skirt chasers…” Times are changing, this isn’t the 50’s anymore where the man could go to work and the wife tend to the kids – it takes BOTH parties to work and things are not getting any easier! Every year the dept ceiling goes up and up in this sick Judeo-Capitalist society and the divorce rate is up there also – if not over money, it’s because somebody’s cheating! This sorta crap would NEVER happen in an National Socialist state. Today, more and more White working class men are staying single because they can barely support themselves and are out here doing everything they can to better there situation, to try and get an halfway decent education much less become a victim of the child $upport scandal. Maybe if these pigs, these Judeo-Capitalists that America keeps voting in office brought our JOBS back home, quit funding wars in which Americans get sacrificed over what? Freedom? If that’s FREEDOM then what about all these undocumented workers having jobs when AMERICANS are loosing there homes, American family’s getting broken up… So, to the usual folks posting on so-called “White Power” and HATE, HATE, HATE forums. Give a White WORKER a CHANCE and the White Race will multiply like rabbits..

AJ 88! 

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Craigslist Humor

As a National Socialist, I rarely joke around but here’s a fun piece I found in the “Best of Craigslist” section while randomly posting some of our ANP flyers/ links on the interwebs. Perhaps somebody might have one for the Hollyweird Nutzis – AJ 88!

P/s: This is kinda dirty… However I will NEVER slander non-Aryans on this blog.

I am an attractive Marxist-Leninist anti-revisionist woman who is totally dedicated to the building of a revolutionary cadre party to overthrow capitalism and imperialism. But I have a sexy side for which I would probably be denounced by my comrades if they knew about it. I am looking for a degenerate Trotskyite, anarchist, or a member of the revisionist Communist Party who accepts the concept of peaceful coexistence to put me in my place. Tie me up and recite passages from The Revolution Betrayed by the social-fascist Trotsky. Slap me around and call me an evil Stalinist. Make me get on my knees and accept your left-deviationist cock. I love petit-bourgeois intellectuals the most, because then it gets a little Fifty Shades of Red for me. This is all NSA and drama free.See my details below. I am DDF. Normally I don’t do drugs because they are a symptom of a crumbling bourgeois society, but I am 420 friendly when it comes to this because I want to be corrupted by a hot ultra-leftist pot smoking degenerate pervert. I am so horny just thinking about it. Please no Maoists. And if you have only read the Communist Manifesto, no. I am not into FDCKs.I don’t post pics online. After a couple emails if you seem legit, I will exchange pics.

post id: 4440812771

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Are right-wingers really that stupid???

Fox News radio host Todd Starnes on Tuesday said that atheists and non-religious people were taking the United States down the same road as Nazi Germany by trying to force religion out of government.

While guest hosting for Fox News’ Sean Hannity on Monday, Eric Bolling celebrated a “rare win for God in America” with Starnes after the Supreme Court upheld religious prayers by government bodies favoring a specific religion.

“Always a good day when the anti-Christian folks get smacked down by the Supreme Court,” Starnes quipped.

He predicted that atheists would even sue to have the words “endowed by our creator” retroactively removed from the Declaration of Independence.

“Let’s say the atheists are successful in removing creator out of that sentence, alright?” Starnes said. “Who do we put in there? I mean, look, the Germans tried it with Hitler. It didn’t work out very well with them. Look at what happened in Italy [with Mussolini].”

In fact, Adolf Hitler often mentioned religion in public speeches, and insisted that God was backing his policies.

“Lord God, give us the strength that we may retain our liberty for our children and our children’s children, not only for ourselves but also for the other peoples of Europe, for this is a war which we all wage, this time, not for our German people alone, it is a war for all of Europe and with it, in the long run, for all of mankind,” the dictator prayed at the conclusion of a 1942 speech in Berlin.

Watch the video below from Fox News’ Hannity, broadcast May 6, 2014.



What the frack? Well, fire up the Panzers because there blaming the war on Christianity on the Nazis. I guess if your LOOSING, use RELIGION – not good! Yes, most of Nazi Germany were Roman Catholic – including the Fuhrer – but what people fail to realize is that National Socialism is an POLITICAL IDEOLOGY – not an stupid religion. Adolf Hitler writes in Mein Kampf on how the Judeo-Capitalist banksters created inflation for Germany so bad after the war that the 99% couldn’t afford a loaf of bread yet the richest of the rich 1% were making out like Scrooge McDuck. Everything happening in Mein Kampf is happening TODAY! Banks get bailouts, workers get sold out! The current US government does not represent it’s people and they surely don’t represent White people – look at how much the POTUS and previous presidents along with members of Congress are worth. There ALL career politicians – bought and paid for – who will do anything there Judeo-Capitalist masters tell them to do. And as long as people keep putting there faith in these sock-puppets – well, sadly things are just going to to get worse. Who knows, maybe we will have a Krisallnacht right here in America – Maybe that’s what it’s going to take to get people to wake up.. 

AJ 88!

Source: http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2014/05/06/fox-pundit-atheists-fighting-government-prayer-are-basically-hitler/

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Happy Birthday Mein Fuhrer

Happy Birthday Mein Fuhrer

We who live now are witnesses of the fact that Hitler was right! As long as we honor his National Socialist legacy by continuing his work, he will NEVER be forgotten. – AJ 88!

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Why isn’t Generation X buying up that Obamacare?

In a recent article by the rich peoples site, Forbes, there’s several articles on there that working class people should take a look at – http://www.forbes.com/sites/scottgottlieb/2014/03/28/how-much-does-obamacare-rip-off-generation-x-we-ran-the-numbers-here-are-the-results/?partner=yahootix – I can not stress enough, that National Socialists WANT universal healthcare, like every other country has – but not one that benefits the top 1%! 

Just for the fun of it – and I hope other ANP Supporters do the same – I ran my numbers through the site and just for the cheap/ bronze plan, it was an astounding $225 – I have NEVER paid anything more than $100, just for basic coverage – the Judeo-Capitalists running this scam, need to change the name from the ACA to the UCA – as it’s clearly UN-AFFORDABLE! 

Sure, Obamacare might be a good package for senior citizens, AIDS patients and other people needing some type of medical expense but it’s ALWAYS at the young and healthy’s pocket! – Social Security is gone! – The U.S. dept clock continues to rattle the chains of DEPENDENCY!

Wake up! – http://www.anp14.com – AJ 88! 


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In honour of the Fuhrer’s birthday, April 20TH.

Hitler was right!

Hitler was right, when he raised the banner of National Socialism against alien invaders, corruption and lies. Hitler was right, when he opposed the gross “materialism”, caused by Judeo-Capitalism. Hitler was right, when he gave a hungry and humiliated Germany work and food. Hitler was right, when he warned his Comrades about the dangers of smoking and drinking. Hitler was right, when he fought against the overwhelming odd’s of COMMUNISM – and in result, gave his life for. Hitler was right, when he gave the world a vision of a better future…

For anyone that just want’s to bash the man, I ask you. “What other politician, has stopped his car just to share his lunch with a bicyclist”? Today, in America the President of the United States has to have an heavily armed motorcade – that’s pretty sad that we actually live in a place that we need more guns, more and more security – we can’t even get a job, without proving we are a citizen first – seriously?

In the news – right-wing/ Hollyweird Nutzi – Glenn Miller aka Frazier Glenn Cross is in custody and being held accountable for an horrible act of violence against a Jewish Community Center. Despite his “Heil Hitler” comment for the Jew media – this clown is NOT a National Socialist – but another “false front” and typical HATER that never cared about things like – where our jobs are going, Wall Street, etc – Nope! Miller was just another SCHIZO/ WHITE SUPREMACIST begging for attention! Well, I hope he finds all the Aryan Brotherhood LOVE he can handle in prison!

It’s also a well known fact, that Mr. Miller is an RACE MIXER and FBI SNITCH – such as the notorious National Socialist Movement and Aryan Nations types, who’s only interest is stirring up the HATE pot, then turning tail to the next town. REAL National Socialists, unlike these false-front operations, realize that this is an GRASS-ROOTS effort and that we must start somewhere – and that’s at the bottom. Just by getting involved in some local political activity – you too can be an National Socialist Activist – without going to the gulags!

Also because of this tragic event – you can bet on liberals and gun grabbers everywhere to be using this story to further there efforts in attacking the Second Amendment. Under no circumstances, should any of us allow this! If you were one of these SO-CALLED Socialists in 1934, then you are dead! The Nazi Party took care of the Right Wingers and Marxists wearing the Swastika – It was called “Operation Hummingbird”. The SA (the brown shirts) were all killed, including there leader Erich Rolm.

I should hope by now, all ANP Supporters have gotten there pledge in – if not, then what are you waiting for? April is White History Month and the Fuhrer’s birthday, is just in 2 days and the annual ‘Spring Blitz’ literature campaign is in the air. Together, we can bring back the banner of National Socialism. Care to help me?

Until next time… Don’t drop the soap Miller! – AJ 88!

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U.N. Firearms Control 2117 Defeated By Senate – Barely

The U.N. Resolution 2117 lists 21 points dealing with firearms control, but perhaps of most interest is point number 11:  CALLS FOR MEMBER STATES TO SUPPORT WEAPONS COLLECTION, DISARMAMENT


In a 53-46 vote – the U.S. Senate voted against the U.N. resolution.

Now, Which 46 Senators Voted to Destroy Us? Well, let their names become known !! See below . If you vote in one of the states listed with these 46 traitors vote against them.

In a 53-46 vote, the Senate narrowly passed a measure that will stop the United States from entering into the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty.  The Statement of Purpose from the Bill reads:  “To uphold Second Amendment rights and prevent the United States from entering into the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty.”  The U.N. Small Arms Treaty, which has been championed by the Obama Administration, would have effectively placed a global ban on the import and export of small firearms.  The ban would have affected all private gun owners in the U.S. and had language that would have implemented an international gun registry, now get this,on all private guns and ammo.
Astonishingly, 46 out of our 100 United States Senators were willing to give away our Constitutional rights to a foreign power.
Here are the 46 senators who voted to give your rights to the U.N.  As I am now expanding this blog to cover the entire Southwest, in addition to the senators from California, I have highlighted all Southwestern senators –  Nevada, Arizona, and New Mexico.

Baldwin (D-WI)Baucus (D-MT)
Bennett (D-CO)
Blumenthal (D-CT) – Jewish
Boxer (D-CA) – Jewish

Brown (D-OH)
Cantwell (D-WA)
Cardin (D-MD)
Carper (D-DE)
Casey (D-PA)
Coons (D-DE)
Cowan (D-MA)
Durbin (D-IL)

Feinstein (D-CA) – Jewish

Franken (D-MN) – Jewish
Harkin (D-IA)
Hirono (D-HI)
Johnson (D-SD)

Kaine (D-VA)

King (I-ME)
Klobuchar (D-MN)
Landrieu (D-LA)
Leahy (D-VT)
Levin (D-MI) – Jewish
McCaskill (D-MO)
Menendez (D-NJ)
Merkley (D-OR)

Mikulski (D-MD) – Jewish

Murphy (D-CT)
Murray (D-WA)

Nelson (D-FL)

Reed (D-RI)
Reid (D-NV)
Rockefeller (D-WV) – Jewish
Sanders (I-VT)
Schatz (D-HI) – Jewish
Shaheen (D-NH)
Stabenow (D-MI)
Udall (D-CO)
Udall (D-NM)Warner (D-VA)

Warren (D-MA)

Whitehouse (D-RI)
Wyden (D-OR) – Jewish


By no surprise, there all Democrats and one Independent on the list. But does any Second Amendment supporter, regardless of where you stand on the political fence… Find this 53-46 vote a bit scary? Sadly, Half the damn Senate is against Americans freedoms! By taking away the Second Amendment – we are leaving the Country open to Tyranny. Which obviously is the plan if we keep letting the the U.N. play Team America!

AJ 88!









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